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Plan your online strategy using real data. No more hit and hope.

Planning your online strategy

Connecting and engaging with your target audience is the key to any successful site. Using search is key to most website strategies and attracting an audience for your chosen topic is the marketing challenge.
Targeting a wider audience can be harder than looking to your strengths and looking for your own online niche, what you know best.
Defining your goals and structuring your website around your strengths based on internal and external search data is a great place to begin.

We can help.

Tailored Content Management System. Its not hard to use... honest!

Simple CMS system

Control of your content using a CMS or content management system to manage your site is vital to any website owner. Open source CMS systems can be fast and cheap to setup but they are often baffyling to use, sometimes requiring techie skills or incurring extra fees to get simple things done.
Our CMS is simple and made specifically for your site, giving you control over the parts you need like page titles, text content and images, this means it actually gets used.
Ecommerce can also be integrated into our sites, either at the start or later when you are ready without the need for a new website.