User Interface Design

Better UI - get your message across and encourage interaction with your site


The layout, ergonomics and usability of any website define how your visitors interact with it. The user interface of your site can mean the difference between a successful site where a visitor has a good experience and perhaps buys something from the shop or is either unable or unwilling to interact properly with the site because of its complexity or poor design and layout.

Clear hierarchy of content and consistency across the site can make a real difference to your users

A simple clear design is also more scalable on different devices and mobile phones making for a better experience all round.
Getting things right first time when a website is a living moving target is difficult to do, sometimes things like site navigation will need to change as a site evolves and content grows. This is further complicated by the many devices and screen sizes used to view the site.

Heat maps from site analytics together with real-time site analytics are a great way to improve your navigation and content structure. User feedback through feedback forms and surveys can also give a great insight into what people are doing on your website.

We have over 10 years experience in website user interface design, this experience has helped many clients along the way. If your existing website needs improving or you need a report on user interaction or user experience please contact us for more information.