Web development & web applications

For more complex custom web development and data base driven applications


Sometimes you may have more complex information to put online and interacted with by visitors in various ways. This can require custom web development creating a web application, a program using different technologies which runs on a web server.

A simple web application links data and web pages to do one or more tasks

When working on this type of project we tailor the development to your business needs. We don't modify some off the shelf system like Joomla or Wordpress to do the job, then try to fill in the gaps with plug-ins. Instead the website is made to do the specific job we are tasked with using PHP and MySql technologies.

The CMS system is made specifically to manage your site. As a result the management system is much more logical and easy to use than off the shelf CMS systems that try to be all things to everyone and just end up confusing everyone trying to use them.


A basic web development example could be where a user makes a greeting card online then pays for it through an online ordering system.

Information is displayed to the user depending on their choices. They then create the card choosing more options as they go, finally the user leaves their contact details and pays for the items.

All their choices are stored in the data base by the web application to be retrieved by the website owner later so they can complete the order.
This is more than just an e-commerce website because it has specific tasks associated with it not found in the flow of a typical e-commerce site, ie; creating, storing and managing the information related to the card the user made.
The data can then be referenced by the site admin and the order despatched to the customer.

We have many years experience developing a wide range of web applications of varying complexity gaining experience every time. We are used to customised application development and have a good understanding of information architecture, data base and user interface design, all of which come together during the development process. 

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