Ecommerce website design

Selling your products online can be a great way to expand your business


We offer a customised ecommerce website design service to our clients. Our basic model is expandable and competitively priced. When combined with our keyword research and website planning services it offers a powerful package to compete and sell online.

Some features

  1. The ecommerce system is fully integrated with our CMS system and can be added to our existing CMS without costing an arm and a leg.
  2. Products and categories are easily managed.
  3. There is no limit on products.
  4. No annual or monthly fees, (hosting and domain name fees may apply)
  5. Search optimised for best practice.
  6. You can feature products and show related products easily.
  7. Shipping calculations are customisable.
  8. Multiple currencies are handled.
  9. Multiple images and layouts are possible.
  10. Images are re-sized on upload ready for display.
  11. Downloadable and virtual products are catered for also.
  12. It can be integrated into almost any design as it not template based.
  13. Multiple product detail layouts are possible based on product type.
  14. It can be integrated with bespoke web development and web applications.
  15. The checkout is customisable.
  16. Includes order management including shipping slip.
  17. Integrates well with PayPal
  18. It can be made mobile compatible for m commerce.
  19. It is expandable and features can be added as the online shop grows or the product line changes.
  20. Support available by phone and remote access.

A number of our ecommerce websites are enjoying good placement on the search engines. This is a testament to the effectiveness and quality of online shop we build and the thought and planning we put into the projects.

Please contact us with your questions.